Report a cyberincident

Received a strange email? Is your computer displaying strange things without you clicking on anything? Has your password been changed without you doing it? Report a cyber incident by clicking the link below.

eduroam for Windows 10

Step 1: When at the external location, connect to the wireless network called eduroam (it will appear with this name at any participating institution).


Step 2: Enter your SCU short username and password.

IMPORTANT: Your username must be in the following format:

Note this is different to wireless@SCU, as your username MUST be followed by


Step 3: You may see a message that you need to accept our server's certificate. Select Connect.


Step 4:  Your computer is now connected to the network

Congratulations! You are now connected to eduroam. In the future, eduroam will be among your preferred networks and you can connect directly to it, without this guide.

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