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Frequently asked questions for wireless@SCU

Q: What is my "Username & Password" for wireless@SCU?

A: If you primarily use a Windows PC on campus:

  • Students and Staff: Your wireless login is the same username & password as your SCU Computer Login.

If you primarily use an Apple Mac on campus:

  • Staff: Your wireless Login is the one you use to connect to MySCU.

If you are a student and are unsure of your username, please refer to this guide: How do I find out my login details for MySCU and my Email account?


Q: What operating systems and devices aren't compatible with wireless@SCU?
A: Nokia's Symbian operating system is not compatible with wireless@SCU.

Q: I am having problems with using the SCU Wireless Network. Who do I contact for assistance?
A: Contact the TS Service Desk^ (Ph: 02 6620 3698) or visit a Service Desk, located:
  • Lismore: TS Service Desk - B Block, Level 2
  • Gold Coast: TS Student Support Desk at the Library - Building C
  • Coffs Harbour: TS Coffs Service Desk - A.G.11

Q: How do I connect to the SCU Wireless network?
A: You can connect the access point called setup-wireless@SCU and open a web browser to get started. You can also follow the instructions on the page 'Setting up wireless@SCU'.

Q: What can I access from the SCU Wireless Network?
A: Students:
  • SCU websites and the Staff Intranet
  • Internet
  • SCU Email (Note: email via inbuilt smartphone or iPad applications is not available)


  • Student Systems, HR and Finance Systems (via VPN - see below)
  • SCU websites and the Staff Intranet
  • Internet
  • Email

VPN access is provided to allow staff to access corporate applications while physically located off-campus or using wireless@SCU on-campus. Connect via VPN^. (Note: You will need to be connected to wireless@SCU first.)

Q: Is the data that I transmit over the wireless network secure?
A: wireless@SCU encrypts all data transmitted over the wireless using a highly secure method known as AES which has been adopted as the standard for data encryption by the US Government. As a rough guide, it would take a supercomputer 100000 times more powerful than any supercomputer currently available approximately 149 trillion years (149 000 000 000 000) or 7450 times the age of the universe to universe to crack the encryption.

Q: How can I protect my computer from viruses while using wireless@SCU?
A: Wireless and remote access users are protected from viruses, spyware and malicious attacks on their laptop, as SCU has installed anti-virus/firewall devices to stop viruses, spyware and malicious attacks.

Although these devices prevent most virus attacks, we do recommend that you install virus software on your laptop and keep it regularly updated.

Southern Cross University will not be liable for any damage resulting from virus infections on your laptop, as a result of accessing the SCU Wireless Network. Visit Information Security for more information about SCU security systems and general information on security issues.

Q: Can I print or access my U Drive over the wireless network?
A: No. These services are currently not available from the wireless network.

Note: Some of the links on this page (marked with ^) will only work when successfully connected to wireless@SCU.




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