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Wireless@SCU for IOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

The following step by step process will connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to wireless@SCU. This configuration only needs to be done once - your settings will be saved and you will just need to connect to the wireless@SCU access point in the future.

Step 1: Go to Settings.


Step 2: Tap on Wi-Fi.


Step 3: Switch Wi-Fi ON and choose wireless@SCU.


Step 4: Enter your SCU short username and password.


Step 5: Click Accept when prompted by the certificate.


Congratulations! You are now connected to wireless@SCU. Note: Your device will remember your settings and automatically connect when you are in range and have Wi-Fi turned on (Note the wireless icon that will appear next to your phone provider when you are connected to wireless).

If you have any trouble connecting (eg. *If you do not know your SCU Computer Login details) please visit the wireless@SCU Frequently Asked Questions.

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