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Cloud Contact Center and Bria - New Users (Accounts, Licensing, Extension numbers)

For new users of the Contact Center please email the Service Desk ( with the staff members full name, the team they are a member of and any particular variations of access they may need. You will be provided with account details for use with the Contact Center interface and the (Bria) softphone.

For example a new staff member may need "listen" access for a short period to assist with training.

There are no limitations on the number of Accounts we can create for the Contact Center. The only limitation is the number of those accounts logged in at a single time (concurrent users). If you expect to have signifcantly more staff actively logged in to the Contact Center than usual eg for a particular campaign please contact the Service Desk to advise of this as early as possible so an assessment can be made on the potential need to increase the concurrent user limit.

If the computer that is to be used with the Contact Center already has Bria installed there is no additional licensing or installation that needs to occur - simply use the appropriate Contact Center agent's account details to login to the existing installation.

If the computer has never previously been used with the Contact Center and Bria is not installed it will need to be installed and licensed. Bria is licenced per machine not per user. We have a limited number of Bria licenses, so if you request install on a new machine you will be asked if there is another machine on which it is no longer going to be used. If it is an additional machine it may be necessary to purchase an additional license.


If the User requires an externally dialable extension number this needs to be separately requested as per procedure for any other staff member, except the request needs to note the Extension needs to be set to work with the Contact Centre.

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