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MindRazr is an exciting digital platform with a wide range of exercises for mental and physical wellbeing, which you combine with playlists of music of your choosing.

As part of the Southern Cross University STAFF WELLNESS PROGRAM, all staff will have free access to the MindRazr.

What can it do for me?

Personalised & Private - Build your own uniquely customised sessions combining the exercises you want, with the music you like. MindRazr is available 24/7 on your phone or computer and all use of the platform is strictly anonymous and private.

Mindfulness and mental wellbeing:

MindRazr has a wide range of exercises to support mental wellbeing with categories including stress, relaxation, focus, conflict management, motivation and sleep. There are also exercise to help with habits around eating, drinking and smoking.


Listen to curated playlists of music streamed from MindRazr whilst you perform synchronised breathing exercises designed to help you relax physically and mentally.

Physical health:

MindRazr has a wide range of guided video exercises to support physical wellbeing. Exercise programs can be performed in the park, home or even office and include stretching, interval training, yoga fitness, pilates, cardio and desk workouts.

How can I access MindRazr?

MindRazr is available on mobile and web. Use the following links to download the mobile app for iPhone users and Android users. Alternatively, you can register in the web application here.

How do I register?

When initially registering either in the mobile application or web application, it is important that you use the following organisation code when prompted: SCU18.



What password do I use?

You will need to create your own personalised password, however, if you forget at any time, this can be reset easily here: 

Please note: this is not a Southern Cross University service/application and staff should not use the same password as their staff account for security purposes. When MindRazr is used off-campus, mobile data and home internet will be used. As with any streaming service, keep an eye on your personal mobile data usage. 

Help and Support:

Information on getting started as well as Help/FAQ’s can be found on the left-hand side of the Mindrazr home page. If you have any other questions or issues using the platform, please contact the team at MindRazr via 


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