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How to use the FortiClient VPN on Windows PC

If you have not already installed the FortiClient VPN, please see this article.

Windows PC

To start the FortiClient VPN application, click the Windows key and type 'FortiClient'


Enter your SCU username (short name) and your SCU Password, and click 'Connect'

A token (verification code) will be sent to your nominated mobile phone number.  Enter this unique token number and click 'OK'

Note. If you need to change or update your nominated mobile phone number, please do this from the MyHR website: How to change personal contact details in MyHR


A notification will appear in the system tray to indicate if the connection was successful Win_10_VPN_4.PNG

To disconnect the FortiClient VPN, click on the Green Sheild in the system tray, and select 'Disconnect "SCU"' 


To reconnect, follow the same process and select 'Connect to "SCU"'


Note: Your Windows PC may ask "Do you want your device to be discoverable?" For safety reasons, it is best to say 'No' unless there is a specific for your device to be discoverable. 

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