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How to setup call forwarding

To enable call forwarding press the more button until the softkey apps appears then press it.

Ensure Pref is highlighted then press the softkey select.

Navigate down to Call Settings and press the softkey modify.

Press the softkey modify to enter the call forwarding settings.

To modify the settings for any of the below options, use the arrow keys to navigate to them and press the softkey select.

The current forwarding status is displayed next to each option.

For example, in this image the only current forward is "No Answer to" forwards to Voicemail. To change a setting, follow the steps below

Use the down/up arrow keys to highlight the type of forward you want set/change, then press Select.

Use the down/up arrow keys to select whether to disable (turn off) an existing forward, forward to voicemail, or to a specific number. Then use the softkey select to activate to the chosen option.

IMPORTANT: if forwarding to a number you must enter it exactly as you would dial it from your phone eg if it's an internal extension 73000 but if it's a mobile 00466123456 - note the zero to get an outside line, then the full mobile number.


In this example when softkey select is pressed the current forward to Voicemail will change to forwarding to the mobile number.


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