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Huawei phones - Phone System Replacement Project

The Phone System Replacement Project includes the complete replacement of ageing phone equipment with modern, scalable and reliable infrastructure that will support staff and students. 

Project Status 

Rollout to all "non call centre" phones on all campuses is now complete.

You can now search for staff on any campus including NMSC and CHEC in the phone's directory. Phone charges will now be applied based on the Directory information - so it is very important to advise the Service Desk of any change of staff using an extension number.


The project has now reached the stage of decommissioning numbers and services remaining on the old system.

Over the next few weeks we will decommission:

  • any phone number that has not been used in the last 3 months
  • all faxes including those associated with MFDs (printers). Please contact the Service Desk immediately with a business case if you still have a need for a fax.
  • the "speed dial" numbers (the four digit numbers that start with 5) - more information here


Information on using and programming your phone is available in this knowledge base under the heading Huawei phones, or by searching.

Attached below is a pdf of the Quick Start Guide for using a Huawei 7910 phone - the model of phone most people will receive. As well as one for the much rarer Huawei 7950.

Please note: if you're on CHEC campus you need slightly different sheets with the correct Security phone & TS numbers Huawei 7910 - CHEC and Huawei 7950 - CHEC.

Voicemail - Getting Started

How do I use the Huawei phone contacts & directory?

What functions can I do during a call?

What can I program into my phone?

If you are unable to locate the information you need, please contact the Service Desk.

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