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Recommended headsets for use with Huawei phones

Corded Headsets

Technology Services have tested a wide variety of Corded Headsets in existing use and all types that connect using an RJ9 plug were fully functional.

Both Winc (formerly known as Staples) and Simply Headsets are existing Finance1 suppliers and offer a range of corded headsets.

Most corded headsets have what is referred to as a "quick break" cord. The bottom half of which is pictured to the right with the clear plastic RJ9 connector and the broad flat connection to the cord connecting the headset.

When purchasing your headset you will also need to purchase this separately supplied cable.

Please speak to the supplier about selecting the correct compatible cord. If they are not familiar with Huawei brand phones tell them it has an RJ9 port and Grandstream solutions have proven to be fully compatible.

The recommended combination is Plantronics HW510 EncorePro Corded Headset with a Plantronics Reverse Polaris Cable U10P.

Brand specific information & other known combinations
Plantronics HW510 EncorePro Corded = U10P Plantronics  Polaris Cable
Plantronics SupraPlus HW251N = U10P Plantronics Polaris Cable
Other combinations may require either U10P (Plantronics Polaris Cable) or U10P-S (Reverse) Please discuss with supplier as per above.
Polaris = SP5022 Soundpro Curly Cord Direct Connect with Reversed RJ.

 Wireless Headsets

The two wireless headsets that are currently recommended for use with the Huawei phones are:

These have been fully tested and are certified by Huawei to work completely with the phones.

You will also need to buy a specific cable with this headset to ensure functionality, the cable is the APD-80.

No "lifter" is required.

These can be purchased using Finance1 through Staples or Simply Headsets.

For those with other models of existing wireless headsets eg Jabra

Technology Services is working with Huawei and Jabra to develop and obtain a cable that will allow these headsets to work with complete functionality.

There is a cable (14201-33 Link) available that enables most functionality, however the button on the headset allowing calls to be answered directly from the headset does not function, you have to press the Headset button on the phone.


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