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How to create a contacts group

To create a group press the contacts button, as seen below. This will take you to the contacts page.

Press the right arrow key once to get to the groups menu.

To create a new group press the softkey more till softkey add appears. Press this to access the menu to add a create a group. Fill out the details as required.

Note: When entering letters you will need to press the button multiple times to get the other letters displayed on the button. Capitals and symbols can be selected via the second Softkey

Pressing the softkey more will make the softkey add appear, press it.

This will then bring up the below screen, either search for someone or use the arrow keys to find the appropriate person. Highlight the person you want to add and press the softkey Select. Once you have finished adding in the members press the softkey done to finalize member selection.

Pressing the softkey done will create the group with your chosen settings.

If you wish to view the details of the group navigate to the groups menu and press the softkey details to see who is a member of the group.

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