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How do I use Camtasia to record a Powerpoint?

This article is designed to instruct the use of Camtasia 8. if you would like similar info on how to do this in Camtasia 9, please visit this page:

There are two ways to record a Powerpoint Presentation through Camtasia

1. Using the Powerpoint Plugin

2. Open the recording from within Camtasia

Recording tools and icons

The red 'record' button begins recording your Powerpoint presentation.

The Microphone icon Records audio for the Powerpoint slides.

The webcamera icon records the camera with the Powerpoint presentation.

The webcamera with the black window in the background displays a 'camera preview' during the recording.

The finger icon is the options menu, this allows you to adjust the following:

  • Whether the mouse cursor is recorded or not
  • Video and audio format
  • Audio Source
  • Camera Setup
  • Assign hotkeys for Record/Pause and stop.

The blue question mark icon opens the help area for more information.

During recording

Click 'record' to launch the slideshow 

Check the microphone input level by speaking into your microphone. When ready,select 'click to begin recording' or use the hotkeys

As you record control the Powerpoint the same as you normally would, and press escape to stop the recording.

After recording

Once you have finished recording choose whether to stop the recording or continue the recording in the prompt. If you choose to continue recording you will need to click on the stop recording button in the Powerpoint recording bar.

After you have finished and saved your file, choose whether to produce your recording or edit your recording before producing it

Cancel a recording

  1. Press escape
  2. When the save recording box opens, select cancel
  3. In the prompt that asks if you are sure that you want to cancel the recording, select yes.
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