Report a cyberincident

Received a strange email? Is your computer displaying strange things without you clicking on anything? Has your password been changed without you doing it? Report a cyber incident by clicking the link below.

Producing a camtasia recording.

Producing a camtasia recording is the process of making a project file where the editing is done into an easy to watch video file.

To produce the file into a watchable format please click onto the words Produce and share in the top left corner of the camtasia window

Select an appropriate encoding setting from the dropdown menu. Typically 720p would be acceptable and make a relatively small file. e.g. a Basic 30 minute recording without a webcam feed is roughly 35MB.

Click next when you have decided on the encoding settings.

Title the presentation and designate an appropriate location to save the video.

Click finish when you are ready.

Once the video has finished processing it can be found at the location you specified. The actual video of this recording is the MP4. Now you can upload to your desired platform.

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