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Editing a Camtasia recording - Cutting, splitting, copying segments

Open the Camtasia file you wish to edit and place the playhead (as shown below, its got the green and red tags on it) at either the begging or end of the segment you wish to cut.

Drag either the Red or Green tag to the desired location

From here you have the choice of what you wish to do, you can either cut this segment, delete it or copy it.

  • Cutting (scissors) will allow you to remove a segment from the recording. You can either paste this at another location within the video.
  • Copying (two pages second from the right) will allow you to copy a segment and paste (chipboard) it at another location within the video.
  • There is no button within camtasia do to this but pressing delete on the keyboard will completely remove the selected segment

The fourth option in the above image is for splitting a segment (the icon with the line and triangles on either side), to do this please place the playhead at the desired location and click it. Splitting allows you to split a single recording file into two segments which you can move around as desired..

The below images shows a recording before it has been split and after it has been split. The left image is before and and the right is after.



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