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Camtasia recording process - Desktop screen

This article is designed to instruct the use of Camtasia 8. if you would like similar info on how to do this in Camtasia 9, please visit this page:

Once the desired settings have been selected for recording via the Camtasia Recorder 8. Click onto the red button that says REC, this will being the recording process.

While the following screen is up the recording can't be cancelled till the recording starts.


During recording a new selection bar will appear, by default it will show how long the recording has been happening, audio levels, webcam preview, stop, pause/resume, and delete.

Extra functions can be added to this bar by clicking onto tools, then recording toolbars. Check the box next to the desired function, then select OK.

  • Add marker will place a marker in the recording not seen to users but places an indicator on the recording to allow you to review that segment later when editing.
  • Screen Draw will allow you to place a symbol, draw lines, highlight and many other things. the best way to find out what options are available is to explore it yourself.

Upon stopping the recording you will be presented with a preview of the recording. From this screen you can delete the recording, produce it, or save and enter the editing suite.

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