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Setting up to record with Camtasia

This article is designed to instruct the use of Camtasia 8. if you would like similar info on how to do this in Camtasia 9, please visit this page:

Within the Camtasia Recorder 8 there are various setting that can be modified to customize how you make a recording and the size of the capture area.

The first setting will be the Select area section. This is used to select the area of screen you want to record, the options are full screen or custom. Clicking either of these will make it the active selection.

Full screen will record your primary Monitor.

Custom will allow you to make a custom size or choose from a list of presets which are smaller than full screen. Some options of custom are:

  • Lock to application - This will record the current application
  • Select area to record - This allows you to draw a rectangle to be the size of the area to be recorded that is desired.
  • Presets - These state the dimensions to be recorded e.g. 1920x1080, 854x480, 1024x768
  • Manually enter the dimensions. Next to the custom selection some boxes will appear, which allows for you to type in the dimensions you want.
    NOTE: If you want to change both dimensions you will need to click onto the chain icon next to the boxes to un-link the two dimensions.

You can confirm the recorded area by the green dotted line on your screen, as seen below.


Once you have selected the screen size to record you can then move it around to suit your needs. In the middle of the recording area is a symbol to indicate that it can be moved. Move your mouse of this, then click and drag it to the desired location.

The second setting will be the Recorded Inputs. This controls the audio that is recorded and webcam settings.

From the below image you can see that currently the webcam is off but audio is on. The cross and tick symbolizes this, when they are on they each have a preview of the recording aspect. Audio has the volume levels and webcam will show a preview of your webcam.

To turn either function on or off, click onto it.

The down arrow next to each function is used to select the device used to show this. So you can select the webcam that will be used and the desired microphone.

Within the audio dropdown there is an option which allows you to record system audio. System audio is any audio you would hear from your computer. e.g. notifications or a video. This can be used to record a segment of a video and capture the audio that goes with it.

Once both the above settings are set to your needs you are ready to record.

For information regarding during the recording process please review this article: Camtasia recording process - Desktop screen








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