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How to make a conference call from a huawei phone

There are a few ways you can do a conference call from the Huawei desk phone.

During a call

The first is to initiate a call with another person. During that call press the conference key Button_conference.png or the softkey conf, you may need to press more to make the correct softkey appear.

Then follow the steps below to add the other participants.

Initiate a conference call

The second method is to press the softkey conf from the main screen. This will place you into a conference call with your self.

Adding via extension or phone number

  • Press the softkey add.
  • Dial in the number, then press the softkey add.
  • Continue doing the above two steps till you have all the participants, once you are done press the softkey done this will call all participants into the conference call.

Adding via contacts

  • Press the softkey add.
  • On the next screen press the softkey contact.
  • Scroll through the contacts with the arrow keys till you find the required person. Then press the softkey add.


  • Type in the name of the person you are after, then use the arrow keys to navigate to them and press the softkey add.
  • Once you are finished selecting people press the softkey done to call all the specified people.

Adding a 'group' of people

  • If you regularly need to conference call a specific group of people you can create a "Contact Group" and rather than adding them individually simply add the Contact Group to the conference call
  • you can also then add additional other participants as per the above instructions
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