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The 'Online Legal Assistance Form' doesn't work for me!

The Legal Office's Online Legal Assistance Form relies upon the 'MailTo' settings in your computer, there are a couple of problems that people run into.

Firstly, you'll need to ensure that if the Browser prompts you for permission to run a program, you'll have to "Allow" it.

Next, if you find that the button is opening Google Chrome, you'll need to follow the instructions here to tell it to open Outlook instead.


Alternatively, you may need to set it within the Browser itself, for instructions on setting this for Internet Explorer or Firefox, please follow the instructions here, these are the browsers least likely to persist with the problem of redirecting you to Chrome.

If these don't work, please contact the Service Desk for more detailed troubleshooting.

Service Desk:  it may be a more complicated issue, such as having both 32bit and 64bit software on the machine.

Worst case scenario, open their email, paste the below in and have them fill in as much as they can by putting answers at the end of each line.







1. Request approved by Head of Work Unit: Yes/No

2. Priority of Matter: Urgent/Not Urgent-14 Days (If urgent, reason for priority/Has Head of Work Unit approved the work to be undertaken on urgent basis)

3. Choose description of Legal Advice required: - a) Please draft a new agreement OR - b) Please review Agreement prepared by External Party OR - c) Please provide legal advice in relation to

4. Description of or background to matter:

5. Description of advice sought:

6. Any points of concern or suggested amendments: No/Yes (provide details)

7. Does SCU have a current relationship with Ext Party: Yes/No


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