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SCU Mediasite

Mediasite is the University's video creation system used for the recording of lectures in equipped locations across the University's campuses as well as for the creation, editing and management of recordings by staff. The recordings can be streamed to most types of computers and devices and can be downloaded for later use.

Mediasite recordings can be accessed by direct links in MySCU Learning Sites.

Recording on campus in lecture rooms

Recording of lectures and tutorials in lecture theaters is an automated process, integrated into the University's room booking processes. Although regular and casual room bookings are managed differently, both have options where the use of Mediasite to record the lectures can be selected.

Lectures recorded in this way are automatically added to a catalogue page that is available using the Lectures link in the related MySCU Learning Site.

For more information about this process, please visit the Recording in lecture rooms page.

Recording at your desk

Staff can use Mediasite to prerecord lectures, presentations and other video-based learning materials using a suitably equipped computer system, for example their staff computer system.

Prerecorded lectures can be added to a MySCU Learning Site in a number of ways, including embedding, linking and using the Blackboard Mediasite mashup tool.

For more information on how to do this, view the below articles:

Recording the Desktop
Recording types

Managing and editing recordings

Mediasite also provides the My Mediasite portal where staff can manage and edit their Mediasite recordings, including those recorded in the lecture rooms. This portal can be accessed by clicking on the link below (use short username and password when prompted).

My Mediasite also allows you to access Mediasite Analytics which provides useful information on how your students use your recordings.

For further information on using the editing and management features of My Mediasite, please visit the Using My Mediasite page.

Note: If you wish to record live virtual classroom sessions with student interaction via video, audio and text-based chat then Blackboard Collaborate (which has its own recording function) should be used.

Caution about copyright compliance

It is very important when creating video-based learning materials, including lecture recordings, that no unauthorised copyrighted materials are included. Southern Cross University has statutory educational licences and obligations under the Copyright Act 1968 which must be complied with. Commercially produced video materials on DVD cannot be used in any recorded lectures without the copyright owner's express permission. See the University's Copyright Guide for further information and speak with the Copyright Office if you would like clarification of specific copyright-related issues.

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