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Prepare for recording (Mediasite)

Step 1. Select type

Select one of the recording types shown in the recording types article. In this example I have chose Slideshow + Video.

Step 2. Hardware setup

In general the computers default audio/visual settings will pass through and be default for the Mediasite Desktop Recorder.


However if you have more than one microphone and camera, these can be selected on the right hand side with the drop down fields.

The 'camera size' dropdown box will let you adjust the quality of the video in your recording. Note: This does not affect the actual size of the video, but will make your recordings bigger if large is selected.

It is recommended to select 'small'. This will help keep the overall presentation size down, an important factor of consideration for some students.

The equalizer button next to 'Microphone Input' opens the computer sound properties box, and further adjustments can be made to your microphone here if it is supported by your device.

Step 3. Prepare your desktop

In this step, take the time to have all the slides, video and other required media for your presentation organised. Open appropriate programs and have the media queued at the positions required.

It makes a much more professional looking recording to not have to search through folders and menus to find what is required during a recording.

Take some time to be prepared.

Step 4. Set the capture area

Your desktop can be recorded in five ways.
  • Check the radio box next to 'Select the entire desktop' if you require everthing on screen to be recorded. (Note: this will only record the screen MDR is on if you are using multiple screens).
  • Clicking any window will select its entirety to record.
  • Free form Rectangle: Dragging the mouse will set the recording area without a fixed resolution.
  • While holding the shift key and dragging the mouse, will produce an area that is constant 16:9.
  • If you hold the ctrl key while holding shift together, dragging will produce a constant 4:3.

Step 5. Summary

When you have set the capture area the last step before recording the summary page. here toy can confirm all the settings are completed correctly for the recording.
The recorder control panel will appear and if left in the recording frame, will also be recorded (remember anything shown or playing in the recording frame will be recorded). 
The recorder control panel can be turned off before the recording commences by un-checking the 'show recording control panel' radio button before clicking record.
The windows hot keys for control are CTRL + F8, this will pause the recording and bring up a dialogue box to either, discard the recording, finish the recording, or resume the recording. The same control can be accessed by right clicking on the task bar Mediasite Desktop Recorder icon.

After step 5

After step 5, there will be a 5 second count down to recording. At this point if something is not right or you are interrupted the recording can be aborted.

You can continue through however, even if the start was not idea, as it can be easily edited out after the recording is finished. For information on how to edit the recording please review this article: How do I cut, trim, and create fade-effects in a Mediasite recording?


During the recording the recorder control panel can pause, discard or finish a recording.
If you opted to not have the recorder control panel display, you can do the functions by clicking the red pause button indicated in the image to the right. This is found on the windows task bar or it can be found on the menu bar along the top of a mac.

If you do click onto the red pause button above it will provide you with the below screen which will allow you to control the recording.

When the recording is completed, you can now return to the MyMediasite portal to manage the presentation

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