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How do I create a talking head video?

To create a talking head video you need to create a normal "slideshow & video" recording with webcam enabled and then convert it to the 'Video only (talking head)" format. To do this either:


First, you need to make the recording:

Open Mediasite Desktop Recorder, and create a new recording

- set the name of the recording

- for the recording type select "Slideshow + Video" (essential!)

- change the camera size to 640 x 480 to give a better web cam video feed.

You will have to set a recorded screen area, but don't need to worry about what's showing or the recording controller positioning as the captured area will be discarded later.

Next record the video as you normally would and click finish when done.

At the end of the recording Mediasite Desktop Recorder should have taken you to the "manage" section of Mediasite Desktop Recorder (or you can get to the manage section by clicking the section to the right of your username, it will either say "Home", "Record", "Manage" or "Settings"). Confirm the video has been uploaded. 

Now you need to discard the screen capture to leave only the talking head:

- go to and login

- click onto the presentation that we have just uploaded

Please note: you may need to wait for it to finish processing before proceeding. If it is processing the image for the video will say "This desktop recording is being processed."

- select the edit tab along the top

- click onto player below the image of the video.

 - click on the section that allows you to change the format of the video (just below the player tab)

- in the search bar that appears type "Talking head", you should see 'video only (talking head)'

- select this player from the list

- click save in the top right corner



The video will now be just the video of you talking.

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