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Received a strange email? Is your computer displaying strange things without you clicking on anything? Has your password been changed without you doing it? Report a cyber incident by clicking the link below.

Provide a Mediasite download link directly in MySCU (Blackboard)

To make a Mediasite recording available for download in MySCU (Blackboard) you must first enable the MP4 capabilty in Mediasite.

Once that is done you can either use a Mediasite channel, as explained here, or place the downloadable link directly in MySCU (this is often done in conjunction with embedding the video to provide an alternative for those with internet access restrictions).

After you've enabled the MP4 capabilty in Mediasite 

- go to the Mediasite portal (if you aren't already there)

- click on the video you require the download link for

- select the url shown at the bottom left of the window (see picture) & copy

Please note: If the link is not present and it says "Working" in this space, you will need to wait for the conversion to MP4 to complete. If it is blank check you have enabled the MP4 capability (see link above).

Now login to MySCU and navigate to where you want the Download link to be available (often this is immediately below an embedded version of the video).

Create or edit the MySCU item

Type the text you want to appear on the screen, suggested text is:

"To download an MP4 to watch offline 'right click' this link and select 'Save link as' (or your browser's nearest equivalent)"

 Select the text you just typed

Click the link icon in the menu above

In the window that appears, paste in the link you selected earlier, add a Title, click insert.

Click Submit.


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