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What happens to Automated recordings?

Scheduled Mediasite recordings that automatically take place in Mediasite equipped on-campus locations are automatically added to the lecturer’s My Mediasite portal page as well as to the unit’s Mediasite catalogue page.

There are two types of scheduled recordings the first are for lectures (this will be explained first), the second will be for events that are required to be recorded.

For Lecture recordings

A link to the catalogue page called Mediasite Lectures is added to the MySCU Learning Site for the unit under Lectures.

Accessing a unit’s Mediasite catalogue page

Note: The Mediasite Lectures link item is initially unavailable to students. When you are ready for students to access the catalogue page, you will need to make it available by editing the Mediasite Lectures item and selecting Yes to Permit Users to View this Content.

Clicking on the Mediasite Lectures link displays the site’s Mediasite catalogue page. Each automated recording is listed on the page in order from oldest to newest (by default), with options to download or watch.

The Mediasite catalogue page in a MySCU site

If you wish to add any other presentation located in the My Mediasite portal, such as those created using the Mediasite Desktop Recorder or edited using the Mediasite Editor, to your unit’s Mediasite catalogue page, please contact the Mediasite team via Technology Services’ service desk.

For Events recordings

If you have an event that was recorded and you haven't been advised where your recording is please contact the service desk for assistance in gaining access to this.

When you contact them please provide as much detail as possible to assist in locating the correct file.

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