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How do I give permissions to another person for my channels in mediasite?

  • Open MyMediasite and Login. On the left hand side you will have the channels you have created. Click onto the channel you want to modify the permissions off.

  • Click the edit channel button in the top right corner.

  • Click the Security tab along the top of the page.

  • Enter the full SCU email address of the person you wish to give permissions to. Then select the level of permissions you wish to add, then press okay.
    • Viewer: They can only view the settings of the recordings in the catalog.
    • Editor: They can on view the settings of the recordings in the catalog and edit some of the settings.
    • Moderator: They have full permission to edit, make changes and even delete the recordings in the catalog.

Once you have clicked add click save in the top right corner of the window and they will have the chosen level of access.

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