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How do I make a Mediasite Recording available for download?

Open MyMediasite and Login. Navigate to and open the recording you want to make available for download. Select the edit tab along the top of the screen. 


Click on the delivery tab, to get to the area to enable downloads

Check the box next to podcast (and select MP3 FM radio quality).

Check the box next to Vodcast Project, select Low Quality.

Now to ensure the changes you have done will stay, please click the save button in the top right corner. As indicated below.

The video is now available for download.

The next step is to make it accessible to students.

You can do so either by placing the recording in a shared folder, or providing a Mediasite download link directly in MySCU (Blackboard).

The process to add recordings into a shared folder is almost identical to placing a recording in a channel, process is as follows:
1. Click onto the recording
2. Select the publish tab along the top
3. Check the button next to "place this presentation in a shared folder"
4. Select the shared folder (should be the name of the unit students will be accessing from)
5. Click save in the top right corner

For information on how to download from a shared folder's catalog, please refer to this guide.


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