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How to create an assessable VoiceThread link

In this guide I will be showing you how to create an assessable voice thread link that students can upload a video to. The steps to create other assessable voicethreads will be similar to this but the steps will change when you choose the type.

  • Login to the learning site you wish to add a VoiceThread to, in the menu on the left hand side click onto Customisation.

  • Then click onto Tool Availability.

  • Once within tool availability scroll to near the bottom of the list. You will see three VoiceThread's each with a check box next to them. Please ensure each of these check boxes are ticked.
  • Then click onto Submit.

  • Navigate through the site to where you would like to add in a voicethread link to.
  • Click onto Build Content, then click onto voicethread.
  • Fill out the settings you see fit, ensure you click onto the radio button next to yes to enable evaluation for this VoiceThread. Once you yes you will get a series of other options to select for the assignment details.

  • Once you are happy with the settings click onto submit in the bottom right corner.
  • We still need to setup a few settings within the voice thread link itself. So please click onto the link you just created, you will then be presented with the below image. Please click onto "Assignment Builder" to proceed.

  • Click onto "Create a VoiceThread"

  • Fill out a description if necessary and change the check box next to "allow students to resubmit assignment" to your preferred setting. If its checked then students can resubmit.

  • Congratulations you have now created a VoiceThread assignment link.

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