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How do I change the security of MyMediasite presentations?

To edit the security of a presentation, you will need to login to your MyMediasite account. Then find the recording you want to edit the permissions for and click onto it.

Once you have this open click onto the security tab along the top.

By default all SCU staff and Student have access to view the recording, although they will need to sign in to access it.

There are three settings of permission levels that you can give to someone.

  • Viewer: Viewers may see the presentation but must authenticate.
  • Editor: Editors have access to change any attribute of the presentation
  • Moderator: Moderators can do the same as editors, but also moderate a presentation, if the presentation has moderating enabled.


Click the text "Click here to edit permissions" to enable you to change who has access to the presentation


Start typing the name of the person you wish to add permissions for, then select them from the presented list. Click the 'Add' button below the box to complete the procedure.

If you type 'Everyone' into the box and select it, then click add you can make it so that anyone that has the link can view the presentation and no Mediasite login is required or displayed.

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