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How do I share a BB portfolio?

Login to MySCU and go to the portfolio section of MySCU

  • Ensure MyPortfolio's is selected on the left hand side, then find the portfolio you wish to share.
  • Click onto the More button in the bottom right corner of it.
  • Then click onto "Share"

  • Click "Share a Snapshot with" and select who you want to share with. For the purposes of this guide I will select "users".

  • Enter the username or browse for the person to share with
  • Click Send Email to notify the users that a Portfolio has been shared with them.
  • Edit the Subject text if necessary. There is default text in the field.
  • Edit the message text in the text box. There is default text in the Text Box.
  • Click Send copy of message to self if necessary.
  • Click Use blind carbon copy (Bcc:) if necessary.

  • Click Submit.


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