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How do I embed a Mediasite video in Blackboard

To embed a Mediasite video into Blackboard, please follow the instructions below.

Please note: if you want students to be able to view the video without having to login you will need to change the video security settings - this is highly recommended for recordings such as Unit Welcome videos.

First, get the link to the video from Mediasite by:

  • Login to Mediasite, click on the video you want to share
  • Click the share tab along the top.
  • Copy the top link (select the link, then use Ctrl + C, or on a mac Cmnd + C)

Now login to MySCU (Blackboard), enter the learning site and go to the area the video is to be embedded.

Create an item as you normally would eg click onto "Build Content" then select "Item", or if applicable "Create Announcement"

In the main comment section of this page click on the "Mashups" button, then select Mediasite from the drop down list. 



Paste the link to the video in the URL box (you can use Ctrl + V or Cmnd + V on a Mac to paste).

Click onto submit to complete the process.

We strongly recommend including a "download link" for students who have difficulty streaming recordings - there are instructions on how here

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