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Managing the Presentations - My Mediasite

The My Mediasite Portal

 On the right of the page is a list of all presentation thumbnails.

 By clicking on a thumbnail a window will open that will provide access to the management and tools.

On the right of the page is a list of all presentation thumbnails.
By clicking on a thumbnail a window will open that will provide access to the management and tools.


On top is a tabbed bar that will allow you to change various attributes to the presentation, and view analytical data. Clicking 'Delete' will delete the presentation.


The first tab is the 'Summary' page. This provides the general info for the presentation, and access to the some presentation management tools such as editing the presentation, uploading replacement video and more.

The 'Share' tab

Here the links for sharing the presentation can be found.


The 'Edit' tab

The 'Visiblity' section allows you to control if you want other people to be able to watch the video or not.

Please refer to this article for further information: How do I make a Mediasite Recording Viewable or Private?

Click any of the tabs below the preview to see more options.

Title: This field is where the presentation can be name or re-named.
Description: This field is a description about the presentation that will appear to the viewers.
Presenter: This field allows you to change the name that will appear as the presenter. (can add where it will appear. It appears catalogue and via the "i" on a video.)
Links: This is a way to provide materials or videos to viewers. These links will appear in the catalog link and when watching the video via the i icon. Please refer to this article for further information: How do I access a Link within a Mediasite recording
Player: This field is used to change which player view is selected, and depending on what is selected, it may play both slides and video or just video.
Podcast: Podcast is used for enabling an audio only download link. After you have checked the podcast box, please select MP393 kps (FM radio quality).
Video Podcast: Video podcast is used to enable the MP4 download link. There is only 1 quality option, please select it.
Thumbnail: The thumbnail option is sued for selecting an image to be displayed before clicking on the video.

The 'Security' tab

Who is allowed access to he presentation is called 'Security' in My Mediasite.

The security tab lets you assign different rights to individuals or groups.

By default all SCU staff and Student have access to view the recording, although they will need to sign in to access it.

There are three settings of permission levels that you can give to someone.

  • Viewer: Viewers may see the presentation but must authenticate.
  • Editor: Editors have access to change any attribute of the presentation
  • Moderator: Moderators can do the same as editors, but also moderate a presentation, if the presentation has moderating enabled.
Click the text "Click here to edit permissions" to enable you to change who has access to the presentation
Type the name of the person you wish to add permissions for and click the 'Add' button below the box to complete the procedure.

If you type 'Everyone' into the box and click add you can make it so that anyone that has the link can view the presentation.

The 'Publish' tab

The publish section is used primarily to move or publish a video into a shared folder or catalog.

Note: This screen will also advise you as to whether the video is viewable or private as well.


To publish a video to a shared folder or catalog, click onto the radio button next to the option you want.

A drop down menu will appear and within there are all the options available to you. Select the relevant one by clicking on it then click save in the top right corner.

The 'Analytics' tab

There are two options for getting analytical data for a presentation, the dashboard and Who's Watching Now.

Clicking the 'dashboard' button will bring up a web page with some analytical for the presentation. The 'Who's Watching Now' page, provides live data about the presentation.

Some of the data that can be obtained from the analytics dashboard is how many people have viewed the recording, how many people watched it at a time, how long and average time someone watched the video, which web browser or operating system they are using and who has watched the video.

Who's Watching Now will tell you who is currently watching the recording. As you can see below 1 user started to watch the recording at 10:56 and stopped 2 minutes later.

Note: This will only show if users have authenticated onto the system to view the recording.

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