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Recording the Desktop - My Mediasite

Selecting the 'Record Desktop' icon, will bring up a page with the presentation details. From here you can name your presentation and launch the desktop recording application.

Once the presentation has been labelled and a folder selected (this will default to the folder that was selected prior to commencing recording setup), Click on the blue 'Launch Desktop Recorder' button at the bottom right of this page. As seen in the above image.

Note: if you do not have this installed please contact service desk so that they can provide you with the correct version to install on you

MDR - Mediasite Desktop Recorder

The mediasite Desktop Recorder is an application that resides on the computer, and is available on both PC and Mac computers.

After completing the 'Create Presentation' process, the My Mediasite portal will call for the MDR when recording the desktop.

Overview takes you to a Mediasite overview page, which has handy information from Mediasite in regards to best practices, what each of the recording types are used for and some helpful information on managing recordings.

Selecting the 'Record' button brings up a wizard that when followed through, will set up your desktop to record. For further information regarding to the recording settings please refer to this article: Recording Types

For step by step instructions on doing a recording please refer to this page: Prepare for recording.

Manage takes you to the recording management page. In here you are able to make a new recording, delete/upload recordings, stop a recording from uploading or record a presentation not yet recorded. For further information regarding to the recording settings please refer to this article: Managing a Recording
This section allows you to modify some basic settings of the Mediasite recorder. e.g. whether files upload automatically, where recordings are saved and the number of recordings that are kept on the computer. For more information please refer to this article: Mediasite Desktop Recorder Settings
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