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Getting started - My Mediasite

Once logged into the My Mediasite portal, there are a number of areas for creating and managing content.

On the left of the page is the folder window. Access to presentations in other folders can be found here. By default 'Everything' is showing, if you have access to other shared folders, and your own channels, all presentations from anyone of these folders will appear in the right side of the page.

The 'private' folder, is where all the private presentations are so you can work on them before making them public. For further information on viewable or private please refer to this article: How do I make a Mediasite Recording Viewable or Private

You can also access presentation from any Mediasite folders you have access permission to, including presentations delivered in lecture theaters. For this please contact the mediasite administrators via




The right side of the page is the presentation management side. Along the top of the window are some setting to help you change the layout or to help filter the videos:

  • There are two view settings that you can have the right side on, grid view or list. An example of both of these will be below, to change between the views click the relevant option under the view heading in the top right of the window.
  • You can change the order that they appear but clicking the dropdown box below 'sort by:'
  • The 'source' is used to filter by where the recording was done.
    Hardware recorder is for any recording done in a lecture hall.
    Desktop recorder is for any recording done with the Mediasite Desktop Recorder.
    Media Upload is for any recording that was uploaded directly into MyMediasite.

Directly under the recording is the viewable/private button. This makes it so the recording is public (staff/students) or not.
By clicking on the thumbnail, a pop up window will open that provides access to the management control area.

Its now time to create a presentation, follow this article for further information on creating a presentation: Content Creation and Management

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