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Editing Mediasite - How do I cut, trim, and create fade-effects in a Mediasite recording?

This article is designed with the purpose of describing how to 'top' and 'tail' a recording, 'cutting' segments out of the video, and adjusting fade-in and fade-out effects for the recording in the My Mediaiste portal.

To open a video in the Mediasite video editor, first select it in your MyMediasite, and then press edit video as highlighted in the screenshot below.

Below is the full view of the Mediasite editor, which will load up after you press the edit video button. The section we will be working on to top and tail the video, as well as adding fade effects and cutting is located near the bottom. In the screenshot we have already setup the video to trim off the first few moments at the beginning and the end, and then fade in when the sound begins, and vice versa on the way out.

To set the top/tail use the white sidewards pointing arrow. Drag this to the position at the start you wish to trim. To set the end trim, the same action except with the arrow in the far right. The arrow at the top of the timeline indicates current playback position for the recording.

To add a fade into your presentation, select the small grey ball at the bottom of the edit triangle, and drag back towards the start, it should look similar to the picture below. You can repeat this process at the tail end of the presentation to create a fade-out.

If you need to remove a section of the presentation, left click and hold the top of the timeline and drag across the section you would like to remove. The area will turn a bluish grey. Click the 'Cut Time' button at the top left of the page, as pictured below.

Once you have finished your editing and are happy with it, in the top leftcorner is a button that says "commit". Please click onto this.

Once you have clicked onto the Commit button you will get three options to choose from.

  • Commit to Current: This option will replace your current video with the edited version.
  • Commit to New: This option will create an entirely new video with the changes you have made to the video
  • Commit to Existing: This option will overwrite another video of your choosing.

Once you have committed a job you can view its status by clicking onto "Commit Jobs" in the top right corner.

Note: you can close the edit video section after you have committed a job and it will complete the process.

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