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How do I make an existing Mediasite recording audio only?

This article is designed to assist with existing Mediasite recordings that contain video that you want to change to be audio only. To upload an audio only slip to Mediasite please refer here. This can be done within MyMediasite through the Mediasite editor. The steps below strip video out of the recording altogether, you can then save the audio only file over the top of the original, or save it as a new recording to preserve the original video file. 

To make a Mediasite recording audio only you will need to enter the editor by clicking on the video in MyMediasite after logging in, and then clicking on the edit video option. For more details on how to get into the editor please refer here.

Once the MyMediasite video editor loads up, select the Convert to Audio option near the top of the page to remove all video elements from the recording. Afterwards, commit the changes to a new file to preserve the original with video, or commit to current to overwrite the one with video, as pictured.

Please note that this only removes video content from the recording, any slides associated with the video will remain, if you would like to remove slides as well you will need to use the toolbar at the bottom of the screenshot below to remove those as well. Remember to commit your changes after you are done.

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