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How do I reset my eAcademic password?

If you are having difficulty logging into eAcademic there is an easy way to reset your password. Please refer to the below instructions for how to retrieve the password. Note: Resetting this password changes your MySCU password for most SCU systems. 


You will be directed to the reset password page: Please follow the directions on this page: "How to reset your password".


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    Anja Scheffers

    Anja Scheffers here, STAFF ID 13978.
    My access to e-academic is disabled to to inactivity.
    May I please ask to get access again as I am UA for Session 1 2018.
    My supervisor is Professor Jerry Vanclay, Head of School Environment, Science and Engineering

    Thank you, Anja

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    Leigh Carriage

    Request to reactivate my eAcademic account please. With a very short period between sessions, and grades submissions due very soon.

    Thank you.,