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How do I make an Audio only Mediasite recording?

You are unable to create a Audio only recording in Mediasite like you would with a "Slideshow + Audio" Or a "Screen Cast + Audio". However you are able to upload an audio only file into Mediasite.

If you want to do an audio only recording it is advised that you create an Audio only file with a program called Audacity. For further information on that please go to the Audacity Article.

  • To do this login to your MyMediasite.
  • Click "+ Create Presentation" in the top left corner of your MyMediasite.

  • There you will see a button that says "Upload Media", please click it.

  • Fill in any relevant data (note most fields are optional), then click the button that says "Select Video". Once the file has been selected from the browse menu, it will be uploaded to your MyMediasite.

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