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How do I register for an Eventbrite account?

To register for an Eventbrite account which can be synchronised with CRM please do the following:

* Ensure your SCU email is not already being used in Eventbrite. 

  • If you are unsure you can find out by going to "" and entering your email address - it will give you an error message if the email address is already associated with an Eventbrite account. You must disassociate the email address before it can be associated with a new event. Please see Eventbrites support pages 

* Identify whether you would like event registrants to appear in the CRM as a “lead” or a “contact”

  • If you are unsure whether registrants should be a lead or contact please contact for assistance.

* Submit a request to the Service Desk requesting a “lead” Eventbrite account or “contact” Eventbrite account

When administration has registered your event, you will receive an email from Eventbrite asking you to set your password.

Information on using Eventbrite can be found here:

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