Report a cyberincident

Received a strange email? Is your computer displaying strange things without you clicking on anything? Has your password been changed without you doing it? Report a cyber incident by clicking the link below.

I can’t reply to an email or edit a record in CRM

If you can't:

  • reply to an email
  • set the "regarding" for an email
  • or receive an error when trying to convert an email to a lead, opportunity or case

Check to see if you the owner of the email.

If you are not the owner of the email:

  • return to the queue you opened the email from
  • select the email by marking it with a tick
  • select “Pick” from the menu bar.

You will now be the email owner and will now be able to edit and/ or convert the email.

If the item they are looking at was not been picked from a queue, and ownership needs to be changed, contact the owner and asked them manually change ownership.

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