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Received a strange email? Is your computer displaying strange things without you clicking on anything? Has your password been changed without you doing it? Report a cyber incident by clicking the link below.

How do I get access to the Student System?

If your role as a staff member requires you to access the Student System you must complete the online form "Request System Access/Account/Email address for yourself", available here. (Please note you will need to Sign In using your SCU short username & Password to make the form link clickable).

The online Request System Access/Account/Email address for yourself form includes specifically agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, and you are urged to take particular note of the Privacy requirements. For this reason, only the person the account is for may complete the form.

It is VERY IMPORTANT when completing the form that you accurately enter your supervisor's SCU email address.

Once your request has been processed, your access will be provided via Citrix. The Student System icon will appear in Citrix after your application has been processed. Use your SCU username and password to login.

Please Note: It is a NSW auditors requirement that your access is removed after 4 months if you do not login. To avoid this, periodically log in. 


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