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How do I get started with Yammer?

Yammer is a private social network that helps you get connected to other university staff, share information across teams, and organise around projects. The network is opt-in and all SCU staff can join, create their own public or private groups and begin collaborating in new ways.

We recommend watching this Yammer 101 video as a quick introduction to the network. It will also show you how to edit your profile and join and create groups.

Now you've seen what it can do, let's get started with Yammer.

1. Login to your SCU email account at Then click on the app menu in the top left corner.

2. Click on the "All Apps" icon, then select "Yammer" from the drop down menu

3. Upon entering Yammer for the first time you will be presented with this screen. You can invite colleagues later so for now click Next.

4. At this screen, you can join any relevant groups. You can find and join groups later so for now, click Next.

5. Here you can add in a profile picture or you can just skip the step. 

6. You will now be presented with the Yammer home page. Yammer will prompt you to finish your profile and follow your co-workers. 

You might now like to join some groups, find out how in this article.

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