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MySCU Alert: Changes to embedded Youtube videos, YouTube mashups and Video Everywhere

YouTube has recently made changes to the way it works with different apps, tv's and the now way it works within Blackboard. Blackboard are looking at a solution.

In the short term, we have disabled the ability to create new YouTube mashups and have removed the Video Everywhere icon in the text editor.  When the fix has arrived, these will all be turned back on. 

Existing embedded YouTube mashups will return an error, but can be viewed with a right click on the player and selecting to be opened in a new window or tab. Alternatively, you can change the link to the video by replacing it with a direct link to the video or if you wish to display a player, you can use the embed code for the video by pasting it into the HTML view of the text editor and clicking submit.

In the short term, you can continue to link to new YouTube videos using the following methods:

Create a Web Link

  1. Copy the URL for the YouTube video (it is recommended that you copy the URL by first clicking Share below the video and then copying the URL displayed there)
  2. In Blackboard, navigate to the Content Area where the video should be posted
  3. Click Build Content 
  4. Click Web Link
  5. Give the link a name
  6. Paste the URL for the video into the URL box
  7. Add a description and set additional options, as appropriate
  8. Click the Submit button

Embed the YouTube video

  1. In YouTube, click the Share button below the video you want to embed
  2. Click the Embed tab to display the embed code
  3. Copy the embed code (click Show More below the embed code for additional options, like preventing YouTube from suggesting related videos at the end of the video)
  4. In the text editor in Blackboard, click the html button
  5. A new window will open. Paste the embed code in the window
  6. Click the Update button
  7. Click the Submit button when you are done editing the text
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