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How do I view my feedback for a Turnitin Assignment?

To view your TurnItIn feedback please login to MySCU and navigate to your view grades area.

In the picture below you'll see we've highlighted two different ways in which you may need to access your feedback, which one works will depend on a number of factors - if one doesn't work, try the other.

The first way is to click the little speech bubble next to your grade or mark - highlighted in orange.

The other is a little more complicated:

Click the name of the Assignment you wish to view the feedback for - highlighted in red.

Depending on how the feedback has been provided you will either see comments & and an uploaded file in the "Feedback from Instructor" area of the page;

or you will need to click the "MyPaper" icon (marked below by the red arrow). This will take you to your Turn It In submission.

By default the comments should appear on the right side under text Comment. If you don't see this click the blue speech bubble marked by the Red Arrow.



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