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How do I create a Mediasite Channel?

Open MyMediasite and Login. Along the left-hand side, there will be a section called My Channels.

To create a channel click the plus button

Enter a name into the field below where it says "Channel Name" and click the plus button.  If you wish to cancel making the channel simply click the X button.


Once you have created a channel it will appear on the left-hand side of your MyMediasite under the heading MyChannels. By default, anyone that has an active SCU login and the link to the channel will be able to view the video.

For instructions on how to make a recording private or viewable, please refer to this guide.

Note: If you want students to be able to download these recordings you will need to enable downloads on both the videos and the channel. For information on enabling downloads on the videos please refer to this guide. For information on enabling downloads on the channel please refer to this guide.


If you require assistance please contact the Service Desk.



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