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I got a message saying my Blackboard profile was going to be deleted!

If you have received an email notification about your MySCU profile being deleted, you have 30 days to stop the system from deleting the profile permanently.

If it's already after the 30 days, don't panic, just skip to the end of this article for more information.

To stop the system from deleting your profile, please login to your MySCU. Click into the menu in the top right by clicking your name.

Now select the icon of a person or your image, once you have done that you will be presented with your MySCU blackboard profile.

Once you have opened the profile, this will automatically stop the system from trying to delete it.

Please note this will not stop your MySCU account from being deactivated once you are no longer studying with SCU.

If your profile is deleted:

You will still be able to login to MySCU and all of your study materials will remain accessible. Only your "Social Cloud" profile eg your picture, your membership of any Bb Cloud spaces etc is deleted. You can re-enable your Cloud profile by accepting the Terms & Conditions again, and reloading & rejoining as much or as little as you wish.

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