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How do I associate a file with a program? (Windows)

Occasionally you will need to tell your computer to open a file or application in a specific program. This article has been written specifically for Blackboard Collaborate, but the steps can apply to all applications in Windows.

First, find the file you want to associate in your explorer window, then right click it > Open With

Select more options, then select look for another app on this PC at the bottom.

In Windows 8 and 10 it will look like this In Windows 7 it will look like this

This will open a window where you can now select the application you would like to run the file. Head back to your C: drive.

From here, open Users > Your username, you will see something similar to the following, depending on your settings.

You will need to open the AppData folder specified, this is hidden normally, so you may need to click the red area to open the 'File path' and type 'AppData' in at the end.

In here, select Local > Programs > Blackboard > Blackboard Collaborate Launcher and select Win32Launcher.exe as pictured, then press open.

Blackboard Collaborate Launcher should now appear in the list of application to open with. Ensure that the tickbox that says 'Use this app for all .collab files' box is ticked and the file is now associated and good to go. Click on the newly added Collaborate Launcher to start your lecture/recording.

Note: For older lectures or if the Collaborate Launcher has malfunctioned, or you are using Windows 10: If you have java installed it will be located in: C:\Program Files\Java\(Your version of Java)\bin . The file in here that you will need to select to open Collaborate Lectures is called javaws.exe .

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