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How to use the scan function on SCU printers (Multi-Function-Devices)

Press Power Save button to wake printer (if necessary).

Swipe Staff Card to log on.

Tap E-mail on the screen.

Insert paper for scanning into document feeder face up, OR lift lid and place page directly onto glass, face down.

Tap Add Me

Tap Save

Tap Close

To add additional recipients tap Address Book… tap on the other recipient’s names, then tap Close.

If a required recipient is not in the Address Book, tap New Recipient, enter their email address and tap +Add. Repeat for any additional recipients. Tap Close.

> Note: this does not add the person to the printer’s Address Book for reuse. If required, please email a request to the Service Desk quoting the printer’s 6-digit serial number and the email address(es) to be added.

Select any options required (Colour, 2 Sided, Original Type, File Format), using the buttons across the bottom of the screen.
More features can also be accessed via the tabs at the top of the screen: Advanced Settings, Layout Adjustment, Email Options.

Press the Start button to begin scanning.

The scanned pages will be emailed to you (& any others selected) with a Subject Line of “Scan data from (printer name)”.

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