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How do I print on campus at SCU?

All print jobs are held in a centralised queue called “Follow You”, linked to your SCU computer (email) account and student/staff card, for 3 hours or until collected at any SCU printer.

Send your document to the print queue

- On an SCU computer (lab, library, or staff)

  • use the software’s normal printing functions and select the “Follow-You” printer.

- On your own device

Collect your printing

  • Go to any SCU printer within 3 hours of sending to the print queue
  • Swipe your student/staff card at the card reader (looks just like the card readers near the doors around campus) to log in.
    • If you've forgotten your card, or get a "login failed" message please see the instructions here
  • A list of items sent to the printer by your computer account will appear
  • Use the touch panel to select the item/s you want to print
  • If there is sufficient credit on your account the document will print
Note: School of Environment Science & Engineering (SESE) and Education have given us blanket approval to put "free" printing on their PHD student accounts.
Wireless Printing
To print wirelessly from any personal Windows, Mac, iOS or Android device please see How do I print wirelessly on-campus from my personal computer?


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