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My printer is nearly out of paper!

Please note: At present this article applies to the Gold Coast and Lismore campuses only. The Coffs Harbour campus is still directly ordering paper as per past practices at this point in time.


A3 paper is requested via the Order Paper form as there is no automatic resupply in place for non-A4 paper.

A4 paper is ordered preemptively for printers by the Service Desk based on usage monitoring for each printer and delivered to the nearest storage location (usually in the same room).

If you are concerned that stocks are low in your area, or know that you have a large print run coming up, please use the Order Paper form to inform the Service Desk so delivery of additional paper can be arranged.

Orders requested via the online form will normally arrive within 2 business days.

If the order is urgent please select the priority accordingly and delivery will be expedited. (There are also some reserve stocks available on campus that the Service Desk can arrange access to).




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