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Can I download recorded Mediasite Lectures to watch offline?

Navigate to where the Mediasite recording is located (it may be located in a MySCU site).

If the lecture you are accessing is in MySCU, you will most likely have to select "Lectures" then click onto "Mediasite Lectures" to find the recordings.

You will be presented with the below screen. Click the download button and then select the second option Video (composite Video).


Once you have selected Video (composite Video) you may be presented with one of the 3 following screens. Please click the save/ok button to download the file (if you are presented with a screen with those options, otherwise the video will download and save automatically). To tell the size of the file to be downloaded please refer to the below images (the red boxes are around the size of the file).

Note: The downloads menu can be brought up with CTRL + J on a Windows machine or COMMAND + OPTION + L on a Mac.


The files can be large, so if you have a slow internet connection, or low download limits, you may like to consider bringing your laptop to campus and download using our Wi-Fi network. You can find instructions on how to connect by visiting Alternatively if you do not have a laptop you could use one of the computers in the labs or library to download it and then transfer the recordings to a USB or External hard drive. For more information regarding the location of computer labs please refer to this page.

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