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How to install the new Citrix receiver.

Please close any Citrix applications you may have open. Navigate to your file explorer and select your computer which will be named (your short username) on (L or W-asset number) as shown in the picture below. From there select Public Software (Y:)

Open the folder "SOE APPS"

Open the folder "Citrix Receiver".

double-click the program named "Install Citrix Receiver.bat" to install the new Citrix receiver. You will get a security warning again, click run to start the installation of the receiver.


You will be presented with the following black screen. Let the program install - it will close once it is completed.

When the black screen disappears the new Citrix Receiver is installed.

  • You should now have access to the 'Citrix Receiver' application on both your desktop and start menu
  • If not you can press the start menu and search for 'Citrix Receiver', right click on 'Citrix Receiver' and select 'Pin to Taskbar'
  • Click on 'Citrix Receiver' to open the application.


You will be prompted to enter a username and password.

  • Username: Enter your short username ie. 'jcitizen
  • Password: Same as 'Computer/Email login password'
  • Tick 'Remember my password' and press 'Log On'.

  • You will see a green window. Click the '+' sign to browse applications.
  • For detailed instructions on adding applications for repeat use, please head to How to add an application into Citrix Receiver.
  • To access Citrix applications from now on you will need to run 'Citrix Receiver' and then click on the application you wish to run from within the green screen.

Congratulations, you're done!

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