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Troubleshooting Equitrac printing on Mac

Below are the issues mac users are most likely to encounter with Equitrac printing.

Your print job gets stuck on "paused" on the computer? (Similar to the image below).


This can usually be resolved by removing the printer and re-installing it, using the instructions here. 

The printer doesn't recognise your swipe card?

You should still be able to login to the printer manually. Instructions on how to are here  (and include information about how to associate your card yourself). Otherwise, please call the Service Desk. You may need to get the card scanned at B2.01  Technology Services.

Your print job prints and disappears from the queue on the printer.

That means it has been sent to the printer. 

Your print job doesn't appear on the printer when you swipe or login manually

Please contact the Service Desk to have the issue resolved as the most likely cause is that your mac sign-in account doesn't match up with your Staff account.


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